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Why Investication?

Though there is an almost endless supply of investment-related news available, many of these articles can be dry and thus hard to digest. Understanding macroeconomic news, valuation models, financial statements and the spectrum of profitability, liquidity, efficiency & debt ratios, are all vital to being a savvy investor but quantitative analysis can often miss the big picture.

Exuberance, fear, greed are all emotions that drive the market. And yes, we are all aware that emotions should play no part in investing but unless one is an experienced practitioner of mindfulness or has some other clever trick to turn off one’s feelings and be 100% objective, investing in the markets can be a rollercoaster of emotions.

Losing money is a horrible feeling. Sometimes negative returns can be due to an oversight. Technology is constantly evolving. Trends change overnight. Established industry is facing disruption from leaner startups. It’s not always easy to keep up with these new developments and this can have damaging effects on returns. Other times, it’s the market’s irrational temper tantrum that leaves one’s portfolio in shambles. Staying detached is way harder than having only one bite of your favorite dessert.

I created Investication to provide a fresh perspective on personal finance, investing and business talk by using anecdotes, observations and elements of storytelling. By creating an easy-to-understand narrative, I hope that Investication will be a platform for exchange of ideas and strategies to withstand the motion sickness of the financial market’s seesaw.

Best wishes!!